Thứ Hai, 7 tháng 2, 2011

drama magnet


magic cupcakes
B + S
la la love cats
discovering the magic of amy's cupcakes in hot house
with sabina in the globe, post-prizegiving
doors, bowie, and allsaints tees. also in hot house ("you're becoming a bit of a regular here, aren't you?" thank you doorman whose name i can't remember)


emergency services
baa bar
carnage emergency services theme aaaaages ago. i am NOT going to the barbie vs action man one tonight
inside baa bar. i insisted on wearing those cycling shorts

my weekends are so much busier than my weekdays, visiting friends and playing the hostess.

today i had a seminar about the origin of language in which the tutor posed the question of whether life would be boring if we lacked the ability to lie. i was the only one who thought it would be beneficial. (i've somehow developed the worrying ability to lie profusely when drunk, and it keeps causing problems.) then i was blown down brownlow hill to the bluecoat art gallery, and then i had a grande skinny mocha with elle collections, sitting looking over seel street.
museums and starbucks are my personal form of escapism. they really, really work.

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