Thứ Tư, 8 tháng 6, 2011

ain't no college grad kids



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last week topshop hosted an event called "wish you were at topshop" which, as it coincided with the end of my exams (no longer can anyone tell me to "down it fresherrrrr"- hooray!) i headed down to liverpool one to see what was happening. one of the girls persuaded me to actually get involved, so i put on the blazer and got my photo taken (since when did ipads have cameras?), bought myself a ring and a cream tea from patisserie valerie as a treat for surviving year one, then returned to topshop for the dazed digital talk, which was stupidly interesting. (then i bought a bottle of rosé and discovered there's a lambanana in heebie jeebie's, but that's another story entirely).

hopefully as i'm back home for summer i'll be able to post more regularly, thank you so much to all my followers, and those who comment (arghhh, stop being so gushy, rebecca). are any of you going to the midlands meet-up in birmingham? i'm thinking of popping along!


breton stripe t-shirt; £10; raiders vintage. leather belt; 20p; st michael's via charity shop. blue skirt; £30; american apparel. leather tooled bag; £3; vintage. skull bracelet; £11; alexa chung for made via ebay. necklaces; gifts, topshop, accessorize... the blazer is from topshop, but they gave it to me to wear for the photo, i don't actually own it...

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