Thứ Ba, 26 tháng 7, 2011

panic on the streets of birmingham

fur coat no knickers
bloggers galore!
show me your teeth
neat tidal wave

we started as we ended - the pallasades' starbucks. havoc in the form of yellow max c bags slowly took over with their frappucinos. add to that the tote bags (you can never have enough totes, trust me) courtesy of missguided and motel, plus tesco clothing goodies, and i think you'll understand why i had some fetching red marks on my shoulder. these are the only photos i took (claire and i decided that we just couldn't leave those fur coats behind. in july.), so i'll leave the "professional" shots to the others.
it was so, so lovely to finally meet some of the girls i've been tweeting for months over mushroom risotto at red peppers and a fair bit of vodka at the hmv institute. admittedly, i did quite enjoy the wetherspoons breakfast (and gallons of orange juice) the next morning. heaven in a juicer. i keep checking the #brumbloggermeet hashtag and discovering even more wonderful (and not so flattering!) photos. even if i did start to feel quite nervous the night before, i am so, so glad i went, so massive love for claire and fritha for organising it all! hello to sara, gem, emma, selina, gemma, and (of course!) emma who witnessed my excuse for dancing to the smiths in the little hours, as well as elizabeth, florrie, and hattie who explored birmingham's culinary delights with me. another (even bigger?) hello to char, clare, danni, eloise, hayley, joy, lily, louise, maria and sarah who i didn't really get to spend so much time with, i think we need another reunion to rectify this. anyone up for it? ;)
okay, i'm just going to stop gushing now. yeah.

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