Thứ Ba, 9 tháng 8, 2011

you live for the evening 'cause it’s the best part of the day

once i had a love
fucking love risotto
proud parents


viking splash splash splash

even more splash

lily and me and elizabeth

pete and i, proud parents of chuckles

just because i ought to be at one of his gigs right now

by the looks of things, my summer so far has consisted of wearing this top too much. i fully intend to continue this trend.
(photos taken on my beloved lomography fisheye camera)


ps, in regards to the current riots happening across the country, i know i can't put across my view as concisely and well structured as others, so i'll just wish that everyone is well. it's horrific to see places i grew up ("oh, east london!"), go to uni and went to last weekend going up, literally, in smoke. i just... i don't understand people.

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