Thứ Năm, 22 tháng 9, 2011

t shirt; £20; arctic monkeys at don valley bowl gig (take me baaack). skirt; £15; topshop. belt; 20p; charity shop. tights; £1; topshop. boots; £30; topshop. bag; mother's. jacket (over bag); £22; primark. messy hair; c/o essex seaside breeze.

this is such a ridiculously "me" outfit. just minus a collar of some kind.
i'm back at university now, so no little quaint places like this to take photos in (thanks mum).
feeling a little bit lost, and drowning in "bleak house".


Thứ Bảy, 10 tháng 9, 2011

an overgrown house party.

brownstock 2011
brownstock 2011
brownstock 2011
brownstock 2011
brownstock 2011

last photo by ashlea hugh

i attended brownstock festival for the second year in a row (see my post about last year's here). of course i managed to successfully avoid any of the professional photographers, yet i managed to go through a total of two and a half disposable cameras, as well as most of the film on my lomo fisheye (yet to be developed, the suspense/fear lies palpably inside my bag).
i don't know whether it's the board games, pianoke (there was a rather impressive rendition of parklife), or the mindset of the local rugby club to dress up (i saw mankinis, a french maid, and some nuns), but i just love brownstock. it's small, especially when compared to the only other nearby festival v, but that just adds to the charm. and lessens the queue for the mediterranean wraps. so good, i can't even.

and somehow we adopted/inherited/won a pink unicorn, christened dave.


ps, i've been featured by florrie on british style bloggers. click through if you fancy a little read about paying to wash your clothes and how film photography is fab.

Thứ Năm, 1 tháng 9, 2011

last ones standing

blouse; £3.99; st michael's via charity shop. skirt; £30; american apparel. belt; 10p; scouts via charity shop. shoes; £40; swedish hasbeens x h&m. sunglasses; £1; primark. bag; gift; marks and spencer limited collection.
taken in leigh-in-sea a few weeks ago, when it was sunny and could pass for summer.
i have to go to tesco and buy last minute (i.e. i forgot) stuff for this weekend's festivities chez morris farm. i'm a sucker for example, i'd never change the way i kiss him. follow me on twitter for fairly innocuous updates on my iniquitous behaviour.