Thứ Năm, 22 tháng 12, 2011


Since getting home on Thursday I've been freezing among good company. Lots of catching up to do being done over food and drink, breathing out ice and watching it glitter in the wintry sun. Tomorrow I'm meeting up with Jazzy (you should go and enter her giveaway!) for more of the aforementioned food and drink, then I'm off to see The Waxwork (again. jeeze.) for a setlist which features Peanut Butter Wolf (who apparently is a real person).

This is what I received from family and friends (and myself!) for my birthday. This is by no means a "look what I've got and you haven't" kind of post, more of an "I'm currently sitting under a duvet in my PJs after getting in at 7 and you really don't want to see my face" one.

Cath Kidston weekend bag from my brother. Coco Chanel edp, lipstick, and mirror from my mum. Blue bead necklace from Beth. Alice in Wonderland necklace from Amy. Aubin and Wills stripe tee from myself(!). Watch chain from Sabby.


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