Thứ Tư, 18 tháng 1, 2012

Alice in Wonderland at Tate Liverpool

Although I'm currently reading English ("books. You read english... books" I always think of that An Education joke) at university in Liverpool, I studied Art until A Level and I still can't resist a gallery every once in a while.

The Tate Liverpool has had its Alice in Wonderland exhibition since November but a lethal combination of essays, exams (one left!), and going home for Christmas has meant I haven't been able to go... until yesterday. I know, a blogger~ liking Alice in Wonderland is hardly surprising, but knowing there would be some Pre-Raphaelite works there (Rossetti! Hunt! Millais!) gave me a more substantial need to visit and part with £5.40 (Worth. It. It's a massive exhibition too). I thought you might like to see the sketches I did while I was there (Millais, Penrose, and Rackham. Further proof I still can't draw hands. Click through to see it bigger, if you fancy), and a photo of me taken last term standing on the kitchen surface and "proving" I'm tall by touching the ceiling. Maybe it was something labelled "drink me".

And in regards to the Coachella stuff I wrote in my last post, I was going to go, but my friend pulled out due to an internship and I didn't fancy going all that way with people I don't know so well. Thank you for letting me know about your experiences though! To compensate, I've been spending too much time window shopping on the Mulberry website and dreaming of Paris next year.


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