Thứ Ba, 24 tháng 1, 2012

I'm not miserable, it's just me face

Silk blouse; 50p; Gap via charity shop. Cardigan; mum's. Skirt (HELLO AGAIN); £30; American Apparel. Boots; £60 Topshop. Bracelet; H Samuel.

This is what I wore to sit in Costa for four hours reading "Villette" and to spill almond croissant down myself. Flakey. 
I'm just holding out for the end of this examination period so that I can go to Cambridge guilt-free this weekend, and home not long after. My railcard is my friend. It's odd to think that a few years ago it was an adventure to get the train ten minutes down the line to a town I knew well, now I travel across the country on a whim. That's "growing up" for you.


Rebecca Cohen | Rebecca Cohen

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